Genevieve Moore LAc CPT

Acupuncturist, Athlete Personal Trainer

Hi I'm Genevieve


I was born and raised in Portland Or. As child I grew up being incredibly physically active. I enjoyed any form of play that involved movement. I was competitive in soccer, softball, and basketball. When at home I strapped skates on my feet and skated around the concert floor of my basement. Later I fell in love with dance. While studying dance at the University of Washington I found a class that opened my eyes to my future, the anatomy of movement.


In 2007 I began studying Chinese Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. When I started the medicine seemed like magic. As I progressed through the program I saw the connections between western medicine and eastern. The classes I most enjoyed were those surrounding anatomy and movement. After graduation I continued working at the college as a Teaching Assistant so I could further my knowledge of structural diagnosis and anatomy.


My practice in Oregon is built around sports medicine. To deepen my understanding of structural assessment I gained my Personal Training Certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine. I love applying my knowledge of strength training nutrition and functional anatomy with healing of Chinese Medicine.


Although my area of expertise is in pain management, injury recovery, and athletic training I don't limit my practice to just that. Chinese medicine gives me the tools to help just about any patient. From the common cold to fertility this medicine can have a positive impact.


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